The main objective of the College is to provide an enabling environment for effective learning and teaching, applying the results of research at the cutting-edge of science and technology. Emphasis is placed on areas of training that are suitable for self-employment creation and on those that have relevance to social, cultural, economic, Vocational and technological needs of Nigeria.

Poma College Of Education is to impact academic excellence and good moral upbringing. Hence, our motto: Discipline & Excellence.

The specific academic objectives of PCE include:

  • To provide courses of instruction and other facilities for the acquisition of knowledge in all fields.
  • To encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, religion, creed, gender or political persuasion, the opportunity of acquiring a higher and liberal education.
  • To provide access to university education in an environmentally friendly setting for some of the numerous qualified candidates who cannot be accommodated in the existing colleges.
  • To act as a centre of academic excellence that will make impact at the cutting-edge of science and technology.
  • To provide unique courses of instruction and other facilities for acquisition of knowledge in the fields of education;
  • To provide opportunity for university education that is affordable and sustainable;
  • To provide a balanced education to all stakeholders
  • To promote international cooperation through linkages in pursuit of research, staff and student exchanges.
  • To provide excellence opportunity for better and progressive education which include the training of students in academic and professional/vocational careers.
  • To support government efforts/projects to spread literacy globally.
  • To build an educationally functional society and effective citizenry through qualitative and effective teacher education.
  • To promote research and development to enhance the production of professionally skilled, academically, intellectually and professionally sound teachers that will propel the Nigerian educational system to global pedestal.
  • To offer scholarship to students for academic excellence, humanitarian purpose and educational development of Nigeria.
  • To affiliate with universities in Nigeria and abroad for exchange programme so as to ascertain educational best practices.
  • To train professional teachers and leaders to fill man power needs of all levels of teaching profession.
  • In articulating its goals and objectives, the college was guided by its commitment to produce graduates that are intellectually competent.

Poma College Of Education, is an autonomous private institution charged with the responsibility of providing technology based higher education and encouraging the advancement of learning throughout Nigeria. We aim to prepare students with solid background that will enhance the present educational standard in terms of skills and knowledge in the pursuit of the NCE programme.


  • Our approach puts learning and teaching at the center, with technology as the means, not the mission
  • Our program is nested in the broad intellectual sweep of the Poma College Of Education, with access to our unequalled resources as well as to the stimulating environment.
  • It is tailored to exceed all of our students’ expectations and help them achieve their highest potential.
  • Our curriculum invites our students to study across three broad strands of design, implementation, and research.
  • The goal is to help them prepare for a leadership career in any of the many education and technology fields in which our graduates will work.
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