To effectively implement the new national policy in Education and the belief in the principle of education for creativity utility and national development, there is a need for a teacher education programme that is based, dynamic, sensitive and adaptable since NeE has become a minimum entry qualification into the teaching profession.

The philosophy of the College of Education, PCE, is for the purpose of training professional graduates. It is also to produce well-trained professional teachers as well as to develop a total person in body, soul and character with a view to making him/her useful to himself/herself and the larger society.

To promote the advancement of knowledge and produce graduates with well balanced education who are eminent positive contributors to society, and are also capable of self actualization and employment generation.

This Philosophy is guided by the following factors:

  • To Give Leadership Training By An In-Depth Course Of Study To Those People Who Will Be Engaged In Both Moral And Religious Education Of The Youth Of This Country, Particularly At Both Primary And Secondary School Levels.
  • To Train Who May , Be Called Upon To Organize Training Centres Of Similar Institution.
  • To Provide Center For Research And Experimentation In The Ways And Means Of Improving Moral Of Youths.
  • To Provide Visible And Living Expression, In The Working Together Of Staff And Students, On The Belief That Moral And Religious Education And Result In A Life Values To Be Lived While Being A Subject Of Academic Significance.
  • The philosophy of the College is in line with the provisions of the National Policy on Education:
  • To produce highly qualified, motivated and efficient classroom teachers for all levels of the nation’s educational system.
  • To encourage the spirit of inquiry and creativity in teachers.
  • Provide teachers with the intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignments.
  • The need to increase access to College education so as to accommodate some of the large population of well qualified candidates that  cannot have places in the existing Universities.
  • The need to create an environment conducive to teaching, learning,research and good character building.
  • The increasing need to pay attention to the provision of all-round education and training for students.
  • The need to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship in students.

Although there are many College in Nigeria, a lot still need to be done in giving students the type of training that would enable graduates to be self-employed. This is why the curriculum of the POMA College Of Education emphasizes self-reliance and nurturing of entrepreneurial skills necessary for the development of the individual and the nation in general. All the programmes run by PCE are education-based, which are vital to the educational development of the Nation. In addition, there is emphasis on morals and good character formation.
In keeping with the foregoing, PCE admits only the best of the available qualified candidates, based on its own criteria. To this end, the College conducts its own admission examination, in addition to JAMB examination, for prospective students. Nonetheless, admission is open to all, irrespective of gender, tribe, race or religion. Special provision is made for handicapped students.

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