• To improve quality of life, promote optimal health status and increase life expectancy of all members of the College community.
  • Is to be an internationally renowned and regionally engaged internationally College Of Education. With the aim of delivering programmes of academic learning to the highest international standards, engaged in world class fundamental, strategic and applied research and providing services to the community and business whilst remaining true to our commitment to be responsive to the needs of Nigeria.
  • To be a centre of academic excellence and a training ground for productive, self employable, self sustaining and self reliant individuals passing through it; and to combine the ideas of excellence in learning and research with a large dose of pratical application in development.
  • To be a learning, research-driven, innovative, and dynamic institution with national relevance and international recognition.
  • Enhancing teacher quality for sustainable National Development through focused, dynamic and adaptable teacher education programmes.
  • The college is to provide training for the complete man by focusing on the spiritual, mental and physical development of man with a focus to develop leaders and teachers who will be an agent of development of our society.
  •  The vision of the College of Education, PCE is to become a centre of academic excellence in providing the best graduates vision and developing them to make positive impacts on themselves, the nation and the world at large.
  • Poma College Of Education, aims at being a Model teachers' Institution in Nigeria for the pursuit of academic excellence through teaching, learning and research for the professionalization of teaching to meet global standards.
  • To be a distinctive quality based educational institution making a difference in the Nigerian history through positive impact of its services and its graduate output.
  • We are committed to excellence and endeavor to provide an optimum teaching and learning environment.
  • This will be demonstrated by innovation which embraces technological changes.



  • Our vision is to work towards the social, cultural and technological needs of the funding states in Nigeria in general.
  • Rendering prompt, preventive, curative, restorative and rehabilitative health care as well as undertake other necessary actions and interventions that will strengthen the University health care system to effectively deliver affordable, accessible and quality health care to the target population.
  • The vision and mission statement will be adequately communicated until it is fully understood by all. It will be fully entrenched in all health activities and dictate, the policies, plans and interventions for health in the institution.
  • To assemble and develop scholarly committed, highly motivated and technologically aided academic team with uncompromising respect for knowledge acquisition and dissemination;
  • To produce highly disciplined successive generations of graduates, developed in cognitive skills, intellectual honesty, humane values, and unparalleled professional expertise;
  • To provide scholars and researchers with world-class teaching and research infrastructure, pedagogies and learning environment, attracting renowned researchers and scholars;
  • To promote enduring partnership, cooperation and collaboration in research, teaching, and scholarship with local and International bodies; and
  • To develop international students' constituencies and alumni network that identify with POMA College Of Education.
  • To equip students with advanced skills with a view to increasing manpower and capacity for national development.
  • To promote research, based on the disciplines offered.
  • To disseminate the results of research through teaching, seminars, conferences, public lectures, publications and other appropriate means.
  • To provide consultancy services to government, industry, the private sector and the community at large.
  • To engage in income-generating activities with a view to creating awareness of lucrative investment.
  • To collaborate with other academic, professional, technical and research institutions in and outside Rwanda for educational and technological development.
  • To develop and promote close collaboration with the private sector and the community so as to enrich programmes.
  • To make provision for the advancement, transmission and preservation of knowledge and to sustain intellectual life in Nigeria.
  • To contribute to the cultural, civic and moral training of its students and to participate actively in the economic and socio-cultural development of the country.
  • To provide strategic facilities for effective training in human and material requirement for the attainment of the vision and goals of the college.
  • Our Mission is to offer you opportunities consistent with your goals for professional growth and development. In the pioneering application of social and educational research at COE practicum and research sites, you will gain the practical experience you need to become a proficient, highly qualified and accomplished professional.
  • The mission of the College is to provide competent and mission quality graduates who would be self-reliant, productive and relevant in all spheres of human endeavours.
  • The mission of Poma College Of Education, is to create a conducive atmosphere where teaching learning, research and community activities can take place among staff, students and the public for the overall benefit of the teaching profession in Nigeria and abroad through a resourceful, transparent, firm and just leadership.
  • To prepare educators, counselors, administrators, and other professionals to be life-long, innovative, informed, reflective decision makers.
  • Effectively train our students to achieve the goals, competencies, and skills identified by the National Commission for Colleges of Education.
  • We encourage all members of our learning community to grow to their maximum potential as they contribute to the well-being of our diverse society.
  • Production of specialist teachers for the total development of the youth at all levels of the nation's educational system.
  • To establish and maintain a most suitable academic environment synergizing world class human capital best technology for creating and impacting knowledge to develop and produce superior entrepreneurial teachers for Nigerian society.
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