Educational Technology Centre Introduction

The College has a moderately equipped Educational Technology Centre for Aduio-visual (Instructional media) programmes. The Center is an academic department and a supportive service centre to all other Departments in the College and for community service.

Computer and Information Technology Centre

The Computer and Information Technology Centre is established for both academic and commercial purposes. It· is established for students, academic and non-academic staff of the College to have contact with the outside world for information on research findings.

The Centre has training programme in computer services, computer operation, computer repair and maintenance, geographical information system and management information system. The centre has a functional computer repair and maintenance unit that takes care of all computer systems in the College. The centre engages in community services through organization of workshops and seminar on computer literacy.

The centre will serve for online services for student admission registration, checking of results and other information students.


The College Clinic renders medical services to all members of the College community, i.e. staff and students. All new students must get registered in the College Clinic and submit a recent passport photograph resumption.

College Library

The College Library started functioning. The Library has a circulation units, tree reading unit and a reference unit.

The books are arranged using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DOC). The library opens to readers during the session as follows:

Monday - Friday -8.00am - 6.00pm, Saturday 8.00am-1.00pm. The library normally closes on Sunday and all recognized public holidays.


    All the staff and students are expected to use the library for reading and/ or research.
    There isno provision for borrowing books yet.

Mutilation and Theft

It needs little imagination to realize that mutilation is a serious anti-social activity which impairs the usefulness of these publications not only for present readers but (especially with serial and out of print books) for the any cost. Therefore, any person who mutilate or steal College books will face the full severity of college discipline.

General Library Regulations

  • Readers must enter and leave the library reading rooms through the main doors.
  • Brief cases, bags, sticks, water proofs etc must be left at the places provided for them around the circulation desk.
  • Books and journals consulated in the library should be left on the table and not returned to the shelves. This is to make sure that they are put back in their correct places by trained library staff.
  • Readers must show to the library officer all books and paper which they are carrying out when they leave the library.
  • Seats provided in the reading room should not be reserved by any reader
  • Admission to staff working areas !S by special permission only, and must be strictly on business.
  • In the interest of others, the following discipline should be observed:
  • Quiet should be obtained at all times in the library
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in the library
  • Smoking is not permitted in the library
  • Shouting and violence are not permitted in the library
  • The librarian may suspend or withdraw library privileges from anyone who contravenes these regulations, and may report any offences to the appropriate authorities.
  • Readers are not allowed to receive nor make calls within the library premises, users should always switch-off their handsets.
  • Readers should not make or write or underline with pencil or pen inside the books.
  •  Books should not be hidden in any part of the library to.prevent others from using them
  • Users should riot tear off any part of a library book.

Sports Centre

A sound mind dwells in a healthy body. One is aware of a common adage that goes thus "All work and no play makes jack a dull, lazy and dejected boy". To be physically, mentally, socially and emotionally sound, students are advised to take part in sports. This is in line with that popular philosopher, Socrates who emphasized the development of body and mind through physical activities. The Sports Centre caters for the interest to students, staff and the entire academic community on related field of sports.

The Sports Centre with its main objective caters for voluntary sports of students in particular and the College in general.

The sports center among other things:

    Organizes intramural and extramural sports
    It grooms athletes to represent the College at competitons
    It prepares outstanding athletes for inter-collegiate, national and international sports competitions.
    The Centre through the Sports Committee encourages annual awards to outstanding athletes by the College

It is worth noting, that the Centre is for the student's body and is independent of any department. B~sed on this autonomy, the successes of sports programme largely depend on students, honorary coaches and other staff meaningful participation.

Sports Committee

The College has Sports Committee charged· with the responsibilities of coordinating sporting activities in the ColIege. Members constituting the Committee are from various Departments in the College.

Counseling Centre

Muhyideen College of Education, Ilorin being a teacher training institution intends to have a standard Counseling Centre to cater for the needs of the students and staff. But for now the following seNices are now rendered to assist the College community and the society at large in the School of Education.

Orientation Services

Students are welcome to the College and thoroughly familiarize them with the policies of the College. Students are also intimated with facilities in the College and we also provide them with the skills for self -management.

Educational Counseling

This service mainly supervises the studies of students, monitors students' academic performance at regular inteNals, administers tests on academic matters, 'scores them, interprets them and uses them for counseling inteNentions. We also counsel students with skills and provide them with necessary resources for studying. We guide and counsel teachers and parents on academic matters as well as providing information on academic and educational matters.

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