Students and staff have opportunities to benefit from the services of these units, which have resource materials and equipment that could be borrowed by both staff and students.The resource center has tables and chairs for staff and students to use while producing their instructional materials. The center is also in a position to conduct workshops on how to produce and use instructional materials in the teaching learning process. It also provides micro-teaching services.

In addition to the regular lecture halls for the full-time N.C.E. Programme, the Poma Provides two additional lecture rooms for the N. C. E Part-Time Programme.

Poma provides an assembly hall auditorium for major occasions such as matriculation and graduation ceremonies as well as examination hall.

Parking spaces are provided for students at the hostel premises. Please note that students are not allowed to park at the Administrative Premises.

This is one of the services provided to alleviate the problems formally encountered by staff and students who were going out of the college premises in search of where to photocopy their documents. The college charges are subsidized.

There is a chapel attached to the college where students especially Catholics attend mass daily.
A large common-room is provided at the hostel where students and their visitors watch television, play indoor games such as Ludo, Chess, etc. There are also equipment for Table Tennis.

This stocks the basic texts and stationaries for staff and students. The charges are very moderate.
Provision for hostel is available for females. Male students hostel is in progress. l\ccommodation is made avai!able for sandwich students during the long vacation, when the reguiar students are away. Usually specified amount is charged per day.

The college Organizes Worships (interdenominational Services) on Wednesday. It is mandatory for both Christians and Muslims. There is a Committee made up of Christian and Muslim Students in charge of the worship.

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