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The School of Education is the pivot on which all Educational activities in the College revolve.  Each and every student in the various departments in the College must pass through the School of Education before graduating.

The aim of the School of Education is to satisfy the requirements for the award of National Certificate in Education and to make all graduates in the College professional Teachers.

In preparing the N.C.E. teachers, the School of Education aims at operationalizing all the principles entrenched in the National Policy on Education with regards to the professional preparation of teachers and the structure of our Educational system.



Our mission is to be the foremost school in the production of well trained and certificated primary and secondary school teachers in all fields of education; teach students to achieve all-round and life-long education, provide teachers who have acquired adequate professional skills and produce psychologically stable students who will be able to discharge their teaching responsibilities adequately after graduation.

The School of Education therefore pursues the following objectives to achieve its aim:

  • To educate students who will be positively oriented towards the teaching profession;
  • To produce effective classroom teachers who are highly motivated and conscious of the important role they are expected to play in the development of this country.
  • To produce teachers who possess sufficient knowledge in the theory and practice of education which they can in turn teach in the Teacher Training Colleges;
  • To equip the students with sufficient level of knowledge in classroom and school management;
  • To raise teachers who will be psychologically, emotionally and academically sound to impart the students.
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