- Department of English Language
    - Department of Yoruba Language
    - Department of Arabic Language

The basic philosophy of the School is to develop programmes in Language Education that would enhance the training and retraining of competent teachers for the primary and secondary levels of education in the country.


In realizing the philosophy above, the School has the following objectives:

  1. To equip the students with basic skills of listening, speaking , reading and writing in the correct and approved orthography of the language;
  2. To teach the students the sounds, lexis and structure of the language;
  3. To expose the students to the available oral and written literatures in the languages;
  4. To familiarize the students with the rich culture of the people through literature;
  5. To equip the students with the principles and techniques of teaching the language; and
  6. To equip the students with necessary techniques of updating their knowledge through research.
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